Not familiar with infobuttons? Check this video, developed by Elizabeth (Betsy) Kelly, MLS, MBA, Associate Director at the Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine.

OpenInfobutton is an open source suite of Web services that enable infobutton capabilities within Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. 
Infobuttons are context-sensitive links embedded in EHR systems. They use contextual information about the patient, user, clinical setting, and EHR task to anticipate clinicians' information needs and provide links to online clinical resources that may meet these information needs.

The OpenInfobutton project is an initiative led by the United States Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and the University of Utah, and developed by an independent open source community. OpenInfobutton has been certified through a rigorous process conducted by the Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) community

This site contains OpenInfobutton documentation, project updates, and other reference resources. The source code is available at the OSEHRA site and a GitHub repository. A discussion list is available for questions, bug reporting, and suggestions. 


Project updates

  • OpenInfobutton 2.3
    OpenInfobutton 2.3 is available. A list of changes and the source code are available at:
    Posted Mar 20, 2018, 1:38 PM by Guilherme Del Fiol
  • Update on University of Utah OpenInfobutton service
    We will be making some changes to the URLs used to access our OpenInfobutton service hosted at the University of Utah ( These changes are part of a migration in server hosting, which will performance. Going forward, all users will need to remove the port designation from their client requests to our OpenInfobutton service. In other words, requests would go from the following base URL,

    to the following base URL,  
    (https connections are also supported)

    We will continue supporting the current access scheme with ports in the URL until March 23rd. After that we will discontinue the previous access schema and only support requests without port designations in the URL.

    Posted Mar 7, 2018, 6:42 PM by Guilherme Del Fiol
  • OpenInfobutton 2.2
    OpenInfobutton 2.2 is available, including several important bug fixes and improvements in the LITE environment. 

    A detailed list of changes and the source code are available at:

    Posted Nov 10, 2017, 9:08 AM by Guilherme Del Fiol
  • OpenInfobutton 2.1
    A pre-release of OpenInfobutton 2.1 is now available. It includes several improvements in the back end, several LITE fixes and usability improvements, and a virtual machine package to simplify installation of OpenInfobutton instances.
    Posted Jul 18, 2017, 9:45 AM by Guilherme Del Fiol
  • OpenInfobutton 2.0 has been released
    OpenInfobutton 2.0 is now available in our GitHub repository:

    This is a major release, which includes the first complete version of the LITE tailoring tool. 
    Posted Sep 1, 2016, 11:15 AM by Guilherme Del Fiol
  • OpenInfobutton v1.7 available
    OpenInfobutton v1.7 (beta) is available for download at GitBug:

    Details available at: Source Code & Tools
    Posted Mar 16, 2015, 3:33 PM by Guilherme Del Fiol
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